We have a proven track record of working in partnership with clients, consultants and contractors in the private sector, across minor works packages to multi-million pound frameworks. Our services hold at their core the development of client partnerships, focusing on collaborative working and the implementation of best practice, helping to negotiate commercial terms with contractors and suppliers so that risks are managed and rewards are realised.


Through sharing expertise with our partners we are able to provide quantity surveying, commercial management and other business support services to companies of any size, in any sector. Whether the requirement is for specific project cover through to consultation on and implementation of procedure and best practice for sustainable business growth, we can help you improve your margin on revenue.


Once we’re working with you we’re confident you will see the value of employing our commercial staff and experience the following fantastic benefits:

    • Company Margin
      We have an unbroken track record in improving the bottom line for our clients, through the employment of a variety of non-aggressive techniques.


    • Knowledge and Expertise
      We have a combined knowledge and expertise covering a broad range of industries and we can assure you that our candidates are the most knowledgeable and professional. We aren’t an agency; we know our workforce and we know our field.


    • Fixed Price, Planning expenditure and budgeting
      Our rates are completely fixed for the duration of the contract, with no unexpected expenditure or price increases you will have certainty on cost.


    • Flexible and Reliable
      We can provide staff on any basis, whether it’s a few hours per week or full-time. We also offer works on a fixed price or retainer basis, whatever suits your needs.If our candidate is sick or unable to work we have the resource available to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer.


    • Low Impact to overhead
      Our staff can work entirely remotely from your business, uploading completed tasks or works in progress for client submission, delivery to your business or progress monitoring. No need for a desk or workspace in your office, however we are more than happy to work within your offices if that suits you.

      Contact us now to discuss what we can do for you.