December 2016 to January 2017


The Civils Examinations Framework Agreement (CEFA) and Civils Assessments Framework (CAFA) address the assessment of railway structures including bridges, walls and tunnels. The five year frameworks commenced in 2014 and are estimated at a value of £300m across all routes.
Tier One Commercial Management was employed by the client to provide project Commercial Management support services across both the CEFA and CAFA frameworks; drafting client contractual correspondence, identify risk and opportunity, analysing returns and procuring subcontractors, producing commercial reports and maximising value.

More About CEFA & CAFA

Structural Examinations

A team of Examination, Technical, Engineering and support staff assess the condition of the client’s assets / structures, providing recommendations to the client for remedial and maintenance works to ensure the integrity of each structure. All structures receive a yearly visual examination as a minimum and a full detailed examination, assessing every part of the structure, is undertaken on a 6 yearly cycle. Some structures require additional examinations and monitoring, ranging from straight-forward monitoring to sophisticated technological solutions.

Other Inspections and Examinations

Building Surveyors are employed to undertake Operational Property Inspections of Station Buildings, Light Maintenance Depots, and Lineside Buildings. Every 5 years a full survey is taken, with annual inspections of key structures.

Earthworks Examinations, investigating the integrity of natural rock faces and embankments on the railway, are undertaken by a team of Earthworks Examiners (generally between October and March in order to take advantage of reduced vegetation).
The client operates a year round, on-call workforce ready to mobilise for urgent or emergency examinations. These usually arise from bridge strikes, where an under bridge may become damaged as a result of a road traffic accident, requiring an investigation into the safety of the structure and advice on any urgent remedial action required to ensure its integrity.

  • Project Type: Civil Engineering
  • Client: Amey OWR
  • Employer: Network Rail