Commercial Managers are high level professionals responsible for overseeing many different facets of a company. In most cases our Commercial Management service involves the following:

  • Managing risk and identifying opportunity;
  • active engagement in business development, highlighting areas for growth and managing budgets;
  • overseeing the progress and development of Quantity Surveyors;
  • negotiating contract terms;
  • the identification and amicable settlement of variations and claims; and
  • the planning of individual projects.


Risk management is a common function of our Commercial Management strategy. Through the creation of financial strategies in close harmony with company Directors we will attempt to explore opportunities, generating the highest profits whilst exposing a company to the most minimal degree of risk and developing methods of managing those risks.


An important aspect of the risk management process is Financial planning and this is often a primary function of Commercial Management. A Commercial Manager might meet with Financial Managers and Accountants to set budgets and develop financial plans considering business development aspirations and market forces.


Our Commercial Managers are keen to share their experience through the mentoring and engagement of employees through development programmes, whether pre-existing or requiring development. Tier One Commercial Managers will help you build a strong commercial presence by participating in recruiting individuals to higher level positions and managing the training needs of staff members. We are also able to successfully guide graduates through the RICS membership process.


Contract negotiation is another important function of a Commercial Manager. Our Commercial Managers will track contracts held with suppliers and clients ensuring that all terms of contracts are followed. When services are not performed to the satisfaction of our client’s agreements, issues will be appropriately communicated and resolutions will be negotiated that are beneficial to both parties without having to escalate matters to dispute.