Cost Value Reconciliation and Earned Value Analysis Reporting

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Introduction. Cost-Value Reconciliation (CVR) aims at involving management in the financial performance of a project through comparing cost against value. CVR is a monitoring method which adheres to the guidelines set out by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England … Continued

General Election 2015: UK Construction Manifesto Promises

Introduction. This article summarises the promises made to Construction and the Built Environment by each of the main parties, which are electable to a majority UK government, taking part in the 2015 General Election. We have summarised extracts from the … Continued

The Relationship Between Business Finance and Accounting

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Defining Business Finance and Accounting. Eddie McLaney (2005) pitches business finance as the process of making financial decisions in business, with particular reference to suggested investments for a business and how these should be funded. The aim of business finance … Continued

Acceleration Claims

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Introduction. Time is an overlying and vitally important factor in construction contracts. Commonly, contracted works will require completion (or more commonly substantial completion) by a defined completion date. The contract may also include charges associated with delay and potential bonuses … Continued